Welcome to Splose! This guide is designed to get you familiarised with your workspace. As a receptionist, it's highly likely that you will be involved in the daily operations and running of your business. This may involve navigating schedules for practitioners in your workspace, managing accounts and client communication. Have peace of mind that we offer unlimited free support for you and all members in your workspace.

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While the possibilities are endless for what you can do in Splose - this guide will cover the basics of getting started. It’s recommended to explore our support centre or send us a message via the chat if you have any questions.

This help guide will cover:

  • How to set up your calendar

  • How to set up recurring appointments

  • How to cancel an appointment

  • How to update your account details

  • how to secure your account with 2-factor authentication

  • How to add a new client

  • How to update client details

  • How to invoice clients and contacts and recording payment

  • How to create communications for clients

  • How to upload client files

  • How to process card payments, Medicare (Bulk Bill and Patient Claims), lodge DVA claims and health insurance claims via HICAPS.

Set up your calendar

Your workspace admin may have a preference for your calendar set up, but you do have the ability to customise your calendar set up.

These include:

  • Setting a default view

  • Setting the time slot length

  • Time slot height (pixels)

  • Day start time and end time

  • Excluded days

Create appointments and group appointments

You can easily create an appointment and create a group appointment from your calendar. You can book appointments for practitioners at locations they are available for services they provide (which should already be set up by practitioners). All you have to do is click on the starting time cell on your calendar to create an appointment!

Cancel appointments for clients

Cancelling appointments is inevitable with client management, but have the ability to cancel an appointment for a client in a few clicks makes life easier. You can set a cancellation reason and cancellation message based on the settings of your workspace.

Update your personal account information

It’s important that your account details are kept up to date for other members in your workspace. correctly. You can update your account information including setting your timezone and updating your email.

These details are helpful for other members in your workspace.

Add two-factor authentication to your account

You can provide greater protection for your account by enabling two-factor authentication and using an authentication app like Google Authenticator. Two-factor adds an additional security step when logging in to your account.

Add a new client

It's super easy to add new clients to your workspace. You can quickly create a new client while creating an appointment or you can add a client from the client's tab.

Update a client's details

As the front-facing member of the business, you will likely be collecting details from clients. Fortunately, you can update relevant details for a client.

Invoice clients and contacts and record payment

As collecting payment from clients is going to be a daily activity, you'll want to learn how to create an invoice for a client or contact. Once an invoice is created, you can easily pay an invoice.

Sometimes, you may also need to add account credit for a client or contact, which can be used to pay future invoices.

Process card payments, Medicare (Bulk Bill and Patient Claims), lodge DVA claims and health insurance claims via HICAPS.

If part of your role is to take payment from clients and process health insurance claims and your business has connected Medipass, then you'll want to familiarise yourself with the following:

User guides for other members

You can also view the guide for practitioner manager, practitioner, practitioner admin and accountant.

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