Thanks to Medipass and our incredible integration with them, you are able to submit Medicare bulk billing and patient claims, lodge DVA claims, accept card payments and process HICAPS rebates, all without a terminal and without needing to leave your Splose workspace.

This help guide will cover:

  • How to set up a Medipass account

  • How to set up practitioner reference numbers

  • How to connect Medipass to Splose

The incredible part about our integration is that everything has been carefully thought out to automate your workflow. For example, all fields in Splose match those in Medipass, so when you lodge a claim, Splose is able to push all of your data across. All you literally need to do is press "Submit claim" in Medipass - there is no double handling of information!

If you have already connected Medipass with Splose, then you'll want to see how to lodge a DVA claim.

About the Department of Veteran's Affairs

The Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) is a department of the Australian Government. The Department may issue you a card to reduce costs of health care, medicine, transport, energy and sometimes also cover care overseas. A broad range of health care and support services are available to meet the clinical needs of eligible veterans and eligible dependents. Health care and support services include general practitioner services, medical specialist services including pathology and radiology allied health services, e.g. podiatry, physiotherapy and other allied health services.

Set up a Medipass account

This guide assumes you have a Medipass account but in the case that you don't, you can head to the Medipass website and create a free account. If you have any questions, you can reach out to the Medipass team.

Getting approved

New accounts will need to be reviewed by Medipass which will display the message "Provider numbers awaiting approval". You can find more information about provider number approval here.

Set up practitioner reference numbers

After approval and before connecting Splose and Medipass, you must make sure that provider numbers entered in Splose and Medipass match in order to display approved practitioners in Splose and submit claims.

In Medipass, on the Staff tab, find locations find the practitioner you need to add to Splose and check that your provider number is entered correctly.

To add or update your provider number in Splose, head to My Account, then scroll down to Reference numbers.

If you are using HICAPS, then you can add multiple provider numbers.

If both are correctly entered then in the Medipass integration settings, the provider will be displayed in Integrations, Medipass (which you will see after connecting Medipass below).

Connect Medipass to Splose

Log in to your Medipass account, then go to Medipass account.

Under API Keys, generate an API key and then click the copy icon to copy the API key to your clipboard.

In Splose, go to Settings, Integrations, then under Medipass, click connect.

Paste your API key.

How to record Medipass payments in Splose

Once you have connected, you must decide how to assign payments in Splose that are made through Medidpass, which is crucial for financial reporting.

Once ready, click Save settings, or add a new payment method and come back here.

Lastly, if your provider numbers are entered correctly in the Medipass integration settings, the provider will be displayed in Integrations, Medipass (which you will see after connecting Medipass below).

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