Cases help you to organise appointments, support activities, class passes, client injuries, Medicare plans, NDIS budgets and more.

Add appointments from the calendar

Open an appointment, and select the case that you wish to add the appointment to. You can also create a new case if the client does not have one already. Then click Create.

You can also add an existing appointment to a case by editing an appointment.

Find and select the case, and then select Edit appointment.

Add appointments from the cases page

In every case, you will see a list of appointments that can be added to the case, which includes appointments that are not in other cases.

Simply select the checkbox of appointments you wish to add.

You will see a breakdown of appointments that:

  • Are marked as arrived

  • Are marked as not arrived

  • Are marked as cancelled

  • Have no status

Selecting the view icon opens up the appointment details modal allowing you to view the appointment information and make changes.

Case approved # of appointments

If you have set an approved number of appointments, then adding appointments will count towards the maximum number of appointments allowed.

Case budget

If you set a case budget and an invoice for an appointment in a case, then the invoice item total will be counted towards the total case budget.

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