Every new workspace created receives body charts templates which can be found in Settings, then Body chart templates. These body charts are accessible to every practitioner in your workspace. Only practitioner admins and practice managers can upload body chart templates for a workspace.

Practitioners can also upload body chart templates, which can only be accessed for themselves, which you can read how to do here. This is useful for multi-disciplinary businesses.

On the body chart template page, you'll see the included templates, and you can choose to add your own template by selecting + Add template.

The uploader will appear, allowing you to select and upload an image and give your template a name.

📝 Note: Images you upload will need to be in JPG format because this file type does not allow a transparent background. If your image isn't in this file, there are plenty of online tools to help you convert images to the required format.

Once your template is added, you can click the three dots and edit the name of the template or delete a template.

If you edit the name, just click update.

Where to next?

Now you can add body charts to your progress notes templates. Set up a progress note template, then add a progress note for a client. If you are confident with these, you can read how to add body charts to your progress notes. You can also upload body charts for your own account.

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