Practitioners in your workspace can use body charts features to draw on a blank canvas or body charts. These body charts can be uploaded any admin in the workspace for the entire business to use, or by an individual practitioner for themselves. Body charts work beautifully from your desktop, tablet or mobile device. You can use a stylus or your finger on mobile and tablet and a mouse on a desktop.

This help guide will cover:

  • How to upload body charts to be used

  • How to add body charts to progress note templates

  • How to use the body chart features

  • How to save and view body charts

Upload body charts

If you are a practice manager or practitioner admin, then you can upload body charts for practitioners in your workspace to use. If you are a practitioner, then you can upload body chart templates for yourself.

Add the body charts question type to the progress note template

Now that you have body chart templates ready to be used in a progress, you must This will allow body charts to be selected as an option while creating a progress note.

Now, when you create a progress note, you will be able to add a body chart.

You will be shown to the body chart template page where you can select a template to use. You can select from any available templates made available by your business or templates you have added.

Use the body chart editor and features

This is the editor section that allows you to choose various features to edit your body chart image.

Zoom and fit to screen 🔎

Zoom in, zoom out, and use the fit to screen buttons to focus in on a specific area of your template.

Hand 🤚

Use the hand tool to move your image around.

Pencil ✏️

Use the pencil tool to draw on your body chart. You can use your finger or stylus on mobile and tablet and your mouse on a desktop. There are three different pencil sizes to choose from!

Eraser 👋

Need to get rid of drawings made with the pencil tool? No worries! Just use the eraser tool to remove any unwanted drawings.

Text ⌨️

You can write messages and type notes directly into your body charts.

Colour 🎨

Add colour to your diagrams to indicate different meanings, such as pain, or body part. Colours can be applied to pencil drawings or text colours.

Undo and redo ⏪

Speedily undo any incorrect drawings or unwanted text or redo anything accidentally removed or erased.

Save and view completed body charts

Click Save when you are ready to continue with your progress note.

You can click on the body chart to view the full screen version of it.

The progress note and body chart will be saved as a draft until you save it as final.

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