Splose has an abundance of question types that you can include to create robust and detailed progress notes for clients.

Firstly, you will want to make sure that you or an admin in your workspace have set up progress note templates. There are a few ways to create a progress note in Splose.

Create a progress note from the calendar

The first way is to add a progress note from the appointment modal from your calendar.

After an appointment is scheduled, you can click Add progress note from the side modal to create a note and automatically associate the note with the appointment and open up the progress note.

If you have set up a default progress note template for the service in settings, then your appointment will be linked, as well as your default progress note template.

If you are happy with everything, you can start editing your note by clicking Select, or if you have a previous note written for the client with the same template, you can click Copy previous note.

Either way, the template will now be displayed and you can start editing your note.

You'll notice that as you type or add information, your note will be auto-saved as a draft. You will see the last edit by hovering over the Note has been auto-saved text. You can, therefore, navigate to another page in Splose and the progress note information will be saved - so you never have to worry about losing your information.

You can always come back to a note, and once you have finished creating a progress note, you can save it as final. This will prompt a message for you to confirm that you wish to save the note as final.

📝 This action cannot be undone for compliance purposes. Be sure that the note is absolutely final.

When opening the appointment modal, you will see the status of the progress note as a draft or final.

The status is also displayed next to the heading of the note.

Create a progress note from the clients tab

You can add a progress note directly from a client's file.

First, search for a client, select a client and then click on the progress notes tab. Once you have arrived here, you can click + New note, as well as view all existing notes.

You will still be able to assign an appointment to the progress note by filtering for appointments that have been marked as arrived, not arrived, cancelled or appointments that have no status.

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