Cases help you to organise appointments, supporting activities, class passes, client injuries, Medicare plans, NDIS budgets and more.

Add supporting activities from a case

Search for a client and then from the client's page, click on cases. This article assumes that you have created a supporting activity.

Select a case, or if you don't have any cases, create a case.

Once a case is created, you can then add supporting activities from the available list of supporting activities that have not already added to other cases.

Simply select the checkbox of supporting activities you wish to add.

Once checked, click Update case to finalise adding the supporting activities to the case.

Case budget

If you set a case budget an invoice for an appointment in a case, then the invoice item total will be counted towards the total case budget.

Where to next?

You can invoice for supporting activities directly from a case, or add appointments activities to a case.

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