If you've set up cases, then you probably know all about the fields, but if you're using Medipass for Medicare bulk bill and patient claims, then you should know that you can automate claims using the referral details in cases.

The guide will walk you through the steps to add referral details to a case and when correctly entered, will sync to Medipass:

To submit a Medicare bulk bill claim, patient claim or lodge a DVA claim, you are required to specify:

  • If you have a referral

  • Referrer type (GP or Specialist)

  • Referring provider number

  • Referral issue date

  • Referral period

The great news is that all of these fields can be completed in a case!

In a case, the referring contact can be searched and filtered to GP’s and specialists. You must select a doctor as the contact category in order to display the referrer provider number and doctor type (GP or Specialist).

The doctor type on the contacts page will be displayed as:

If the contact has a provider number added, then it will be added into a case automatically. Alternatively, you can update the provider number manually while creating a case.

The referral issue date and referral period are also passed to Medipass, so it's very important to add that information to the case before submitting a claim to Medicare or DVA.

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